November 15.

Trattoria Trippa opened last summer and since then, I read a couple of promising articles including one mentioning the chef, Diego Rossi, with his tattoos and hipster moustache. As I’m always trying to extend my italian food knowledge, I must admit I was getting curious. It took me 3 times to manage to get a table but when I finally got one ...


The place looks like a standard trattoria. In term of interior design, I would say nothing special, expect maybe the bathroom : combo of dark blue walls, gold mirror, brown elements and white porcelaine. 


The people are welcoming and nice, you feel proximity even if you don’t know them. This is one of those places where you feel immediately at your ease. They come to explain you the menu and suddenly even those weird products like "trippa" or game meat make your mouth watery.

With my friend we decided to share different plates to try a maximum of flavours. 


We started with a baccala quickly unsalted on purpose. Some part of the cod was a bit hard but the combination with puntarelle, limone candito and parmiggiano was so pleasant that it didn’t stop me to finish the dish.  

We then get some gnochettis with ragu of feasant. I was worried about the taste, but it was cooked with some broth or juice, and the taste of the "sugo" was really enjoyable in mouth. 

We continued with some deer and turnip greens; that one, has been my favourite. The meat was not meaty, and not chewy as I would have expected from game barely cooked. It was delightful. And the presentation as well, not a piece of art, as you can find in some trendy restaurants, but nicely arranged and far enough from the traditional trattoria style to please the eyes. 

We finished with a whipped cream of sheep milk and grapes musts. I’ve never been so fond of the pecora strong flavors, but combined with the “mosto d’uva”, you were feeling only the creamy taste.


So I will go back, and bring some french people for sure. I may even dare to try : fried trippas or snails or eel, who knows... 


Go there if you like traditional food but book a table first. 



address: Via Vasari 3, Milano

tel: +39 02 3674 1134