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I went to the smallest bar in the world

Yeah it does exist, I’m not joking. As there is a restaurant for 2 persons only in Roma, there is a bar for 3 persons maximum in Milano.

It all started with Mag acquiring an extra space next to the Café. Initial purpose was to use it as a storage.

But one day, having fun brainstorming, they launched the idea to create the smallest bar in the world...

It’s been one year now the bar has opened and it is always fully booked.

How does it work?

Every Monday, starting 6 pm, you can call a mobile (phone number available on the fb page) and ask to book a slot of two hours for the following week.

The first time I called at 6ish, I could get only a slot from 1am to 3 am. So I declined and the guy advised me to leave a voicemail next time I call, so they could call me back. So the second time, i called at 6.00pm and left a voicemail. When he called me back, only the slots from 1am to 3am was remaining but fortunately the next Monday, a slot was available at 7.30. So I said yes. The place has been designed for three persons maximum. But you can stand in 4. So I invited a couple of friends and we waited for the next Monday. Next Monday, i was quite excited; my friend was making fun of me. Even if some friends had been there and now the place has been advertised on the socials, I was not sure what to expect.

If you desire to go there and don't want to ruin the surprise effect, do not read the following...

Next to Mag café stands a wood door with a frame claiming: “smallest bar in the world”. When you get closer, you discover a counter on the left, a bit like a counter of a bank, the only thing is that the separating wall is not in glass but in wood, so you can basically only see the hands of the bartender. We arrived there and I saw those big big hands with rings set on the counter. You feel like you have to ask for some authorisation. It s not really a speak easy but still the ceremonial is present. So I uttered my name and said we had a booking for 7.30. The hand checked a list and a voice confirmed we could enter. When I draw the door, I entered in a doom room, with wood Marquetry everywhere. Your eyes can make the round in a few seconds but the little details could entertain you for hours. We closed the door and were shown a few a stools where we could sit on. The bartender explained us the concept: that is was a free space where you can discuss private or confidential things between you or you can decide to have a chat with him. He told us as well we could choose our own music, showing us a computer station. Basically the space is all yours for a couple of hours. But it s not because it's yours, that you feel at home, there is something weird, it’s not a creepy sensation but you feel in a special atmosphere, surrounded by bottles coming from all over the world. The mixologist makes cocktails whiskey based. They often change their menu. I discovered only recently I liked whiskey. When I was a student, I tried once whiskey coca and thought it was the most disgusting thing I have ever drunk ( Redbull apart). But recently, I got a sip of Cardhù and told myself, well this is great... I don’t know anything about whiskey, except I hate the smoke taste of some. So I decided to pick one random and got one with orange curaçao and a few others things unfortunately i can't remember: it was exquisite!

Fancy a try ? Go and check Backdoor 43 Facebook page.

We paid 11€ with a plate for aperitivo. The cocktail was of premium quality and the experience unique.

Note for the instagrammers : you're not allowed to take picture inside unless the bartender is wearing a mask that makes you feel in a psycho movie.