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I had my first lobster served with French fries

While the gourmet burger wave is still at its climax in France and Italy, another gourmet sandwich trend is trying to break trough shyly: the lobster roll.

What is a lobster roll?

A lobster roll is a sandwich (hotdog style) filled with lobster meat or lobster salad. It comes usually served with potato chips or French fries.

Born in the Connecticut, it became an icon for the Maine and is now spreading over the ocean.

Milan has not been spared.

In Rinascente food floor, you can find Corallo lobster bar: a little space full of colors reminding you Mediterranean sea more than the US: white and blue tiles, yellow color reminding you the lemons, ceramics and navy stuff. It’s a bit feeling like in a boat moored somewhere in the Amalfitan coast.

I tried a roll with raw prawns and lobster, it was good, the bread was soft, hotdog bread style, the orange sauce was giving a nice taste to the salad. It got served with crispy fries.

Now, is it worthwhile to spend between 18€ and 24€ for a sandwich? I can’t answer this question.

I’ ve been to the other places in Milan proposing lobster rolls, but never tasted them, just in case you want to live the experience, here is the list: besides Corallo Lobster bar, you can go to Holy ham burger, fishbar Milan and Langosteria fish bar.