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I had my first breathable cocktail @ Borough market by Bompas and Parr

Last weekend I was in London and got the opportunity to experiment alcoholic architecture.

Here what happened...

After a funny speech about how great the experience will be, we were led to the basement of a victorian building. Even if I had read an article about it, I had no idea how the experience will be, I thought it was kind of exciting.

We arrived in a cloakroom and found waterproof cape for all. Yeah being in a cocktail cloud, may be a bit sticky … We removed our winter jacket, put the cape on and went directly to the bar, first step of the process. The cocktails were all based on spirits or beers made by monks to remind the building had been an ancient monastery in the past.

Once the cocktail grabbed, we passed a plastic curtain to arrive in an alcove with a neon sign warning us to “breathe responsibly”. A second plastic strips curtain and we arrived in the cloud.

It was dark, foggy with blue neon lights on. People wearing transparent "monk style" cloaks. Sound of rain and thunder on air, all these making the experience a bit unreal.

We’ve been told that breathing for 45 minutes, would correspond to 2 gin and tonic.

How was it ?

The experience was interesting but not astonishing. I would have expected smelling some aromas from the mist whereas it was neutral. You don’t really feel anything apart your hands becoming humid and your nose sniffing a bit. The sound playlist reminds you, you’re more in an art installation than in a bar. Some dancing music or some seats to have a talk with your friends would have made the experience more complete to me. Otherwise it’s just like standing 45 minutes and wait to see if you feel tipsy…

You wanna try ?

For the London based curious one, until January 16, you can experiment this first walk in cloud bar in Borough Market for 12 GBP the entrance. Go with some friends to have more fun.

Note. it’s advised to book first.

Last, the temporary British Museum of Food is in the corner. So if you want to experiment the impact of sounds on our chocolate perception or have a trip in a human digestive track, that's happening now !