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I ordered my gourmet burger via an Ipad @holyhamburger

I must have passed in front of Holy Ham Burger 30 times before stopping there.

I remember that day, I was coming back from the gym and in a kind of burger mood. I always liked the graphics on the window and the name of the place.

I parked my bike and decided to enter. When I enter the place, I was surprised by the neat interior design. On both sides of the bar, were standing kinds of gold mine wagon full of beers. I was forgetting how much the burger became a trendy not to say gourmet food recently.

I got welcome and brought to a table where an ipad was waiting for me. The waiter explained that I could navigate through the menu and decide what I wanted to eat. I could even order coffee or my bill at the end. But if I need some assistance the waiter would still be available.

After a few hesitations, they promote their wide variety of beers, I selected a burger and a beer. You can decide if you want the burger to arrive sandwich style or on a plate.

Once you sent your order, you can navigate on the ipad, and even play to kill time.

My burger arrived on a “tagliere” without fork. This is at that time I understood why I should have selected "plate". I love eating with fingers but the perspective of eating with my hands a burger too big for my mouth and juicy did not please me.

The burger was good but the beef preparation was desesparately missing salt. The bread was pleasant but not orgasmic. I did my due diligence afterwards : Holy Ham burger has different restaurants around the country (they just opened one in Verona). They promote the quality of their meat selection: only Fassona. Fassona is a beef coming from Piemonte and which is supposed to be one of the best race of Italy (no fermented products to feed the cattle, grass from specific fields areas only). The bread is home made and the other ingredients are freshly selected.

I liked the place design even if a bit dark, you feel confortable to eat your “guilty” pleasure food.

The graphics language is well thought and harmonized.

What I liked less at the moment of the bill, was too see that the beer they proposed me, as the one I selected was not available, was more expensive and they charged me on the price of the new one and not my initial selection. But I guess this is why those places are called fastcasual, you feel like in a restaurant but it’s still a fastfood in its process.

Why to go there ?

>For lunch when you’re in the area, or to experiment the process.

>For the beer selection that you can drink in a glass with thin wall.

>For the guarantee of a burger with meat of quality.

>I like the idea as well that you can order your burger in a plate.