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I ate a gastro kebab @Mariu

I heard about Mariu at least six months ago. One day, while I was working on my blog at refeel café (in front of Mariu), I told myself, why I don’t go there for lunch.

Mariu defined itself as a “kebbaberia gastronomica”. The main concept is about personalization : you can select the type of bread, meat and ingredients you want for composing your sandwich.

From some talks, I knew the place was a kind of enhanced fast food and there was a specific process to follow.

So when I entered there, I immediately started to look for instructions. These are those places you know, where I always feel a bit stressed, worried you won’t be fast enough when your turn will come.

The instructions are written on the wall.

When you enter, on the left you have an area (that I haven’t seen when entering) with some forms that you can fill. The form displays the different type of bread, meat and ingredients you can select, and you can tick what suits the best your hunger of the moment.

On the wall, some recipes are mentioned as recommendation, so if you feel completely lost, you can pick one of them.

On a pillar, they framed the recipes of some clients. I guess if they pick your combo and displayed on a wall, you must feel proud of your mixing skills.

I have to say, I was not comfortable in making a choice so fast, but probably if you come often, then you know what exists and what you like.

Even if I did not ask for any help, the cashier was really warm and I heard him explaining the concept to the people behind me with patience.

So after a couple of minutes wondering if all those ingredients would make an acceptable combo, I ordered my customized sandwich.

When you pay, they give you like a buzzer with a red light number. It’s a bit like a little bomb : you have to wait that it rings before going and picking your order at the kitchen entrance. I found it kind of funny.

The layout of the place is organized according to the process. The waiting area is not clearly defined if you order to go, but if you decide to stay there, you can sit at a table and even have a look at some books while waiting for your order.

To sum up I would say:

It was an interesting process experience.

The sandwich did not leave me an unforgetable record, it’s good, but for 6.90 € I prefer panino giusto sandwiches, oops yes I said it.

The people are really pleasant though and the sitting area is bright, with wood tables, yellow tiles walls, hanging bulb lamps and free ketchup for all. The environment is definitely nicer than sitting in some random fastfood.

>This is a place good to have a quick lunch when you’re in the area.

My confessions :

I would have painted big number for defining each area of the process, but maybe related to my supply chain background… : a big 1 above the forms area, a 2 above the cashdesk, a 3 above the kitchen window, a 4 on the ceiling of the sitting area and a 5 above the bins area.