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A few words for the launch

People living in Milan or coming for visit from time to time, this is my new website.

Spending hours in researching new food experiences & enjoyable restaurants, my friends were often asking me the list of my favourite places.

So among all the places I have experimented, I selected the places where I feel to come back again. I skipped the places where the service was unlikable, the places where you eat well but not enough compared to the money you spend, and last, the places were the flavours were experimentally too strong (I will never eat tobacco ice cream ever ever again I can tell you).

Strongly connected to interior design, I mention as well the places with pleasant setting, contributing to a full sensorial experience.

Last, there is a blog section where I mentioned my last experiments and some interesting places where I have been but I don’t feel "strong" enough to be inserted in the standard sections.

I’m sure if I read my articles in a few months from now, I will told myself : how could I write so poorly and I will feel like changing everything, but better to start one day even if not perfect, than never start. Comments about enhancement welcome in private messages.

Thanks !