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I went to the first EAT MARKET in town

Ventura Lambrate has became an important design district over the years during fuori salone. But apart that, this is an area that is not really frequented. Recently was launched the EAST market which takes place punctually on sundays and sell all sort of vintage pieces. A few weeks ago, a new event pop out on facebook : the first flea eat market. I was wondering how it could be.

I decided to go there for lunch with a friend on sunday.

When we passed the gate,we could not distinguish anything related to food, the courtyard was full of alternative people. Eventually some people were eating on pallet stack but the scope of the place was not pretty clear.

It’s only when we entered the warehouse, that we were caught in a different atmosphere: full of different smells (including greasy smells), noise, lights and a multitude of colorful vans & ape customized to serve street food. A bit surreal, like projected in a Berlin or NYC food market.

Of course, the burger was the king of the place but not only, a lot of typical foods from Italy were there, without missing the participation of Sicily and Puglia. Some places were dedicated to drinks. We started our tour with a prosecco at #caravin, hoping the decision process would be facilitated.

It was like being in a funfair and you just have to decide which attraction (in our case, food) you want to pick.

The goods thing about it, is that you have choice, and you can decide what you want to eat without having your friends eating the same, similar concept to mercato metropolitano.

At the end I opted for Petulle, little dumplings plains or stuffed with mint, fried and serve with cheese & honey or salami piccante, typical from Salento region. My friends went for stuffed olives, including black ones with truffles and finished her meal with a cupcake.

I spent 9€ ( 5€ for pitulle and 4€ for prosecco), which I guess is correct for a sunday lunch in Milan.

I have to admit it was a pleaseful experience apart maybe for the strong greasy smell we brought back home...