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I went to MAM Opening

Yesterday, while I was heading to Porta Romana to do aperitivo, I passed for the second time in front of this new place that look quite appealing from the outside. As the place we wanted to go was closed, we decided to enter to have aperitivo there.

The place is a bit like a old house that has not been fixed yet and the design elements fill the place to give a cosy atmosphere. The tables, chairs and lights are not coordinated, the table are big enough to be transformed in social table. It reminded me a bit cascina cuccagna interior.

We enter and got nicely welcome even if they look a bit overhwelmed. Talking with the waiter, we discovered it was their first night.

The concept is about vegan food, they are restaurant but do as well aperitivo. They gave us some oil that they produced in Tuscany to taste it and then brings us a tray with different things to try : hummus, mushrooms soup, kind of polenta with cheese and fried zucchini. I'm not saying I'm a big fan of vegan things but it was different.

The wine we got was biodynimical, some blend of nebbiolo made in Sondrio, Lombardia.

I think I will go back there to see as it is once in routine mode.

Address :

Milano Amore Mio

beginning of via Muratori.