November 15.

If you make a research to find the best places in Milan for aperitivo and cocktails, Rita comes out on the top of the list. I hadn't have the occasion to go there until yesterday.

When I arrived there, it was 8pm and the place was already fully packed and noisy. I found the table of my friends easily though, as the place is not that big. The bar has 2 counters, one in each room. There is a covered terrace and some tables outside. 

The list of cocktails required a lot of concentration for an evening : it's a menu booklet with a lot of information and details about each cocktails. The list is for sure not the standard one, but if you want a moscow mule, they will make it for you. I finally opted for  a "sheltering sky" made of infused gin with bergamot tea, mint leaves, edelflower syrup and lime.

I'm not a cocktail person, I don't like things too sweet and often I told my self after the first sip, too sweet, I did the wrong choice again, I feel like drinking seven up with sugar. So clearly I didn't have great expectation for the place as famous it could be. I did other famous places and came to the conclusion I was not a cocktail person. 

My cocktail arrived in a tea mug, some white foam was on the top, with a slice of dry orange and mint leaves. I got the first sip, and.... I really like it. I don't know if I made the good choice or all the cocktails are like that, but this cocktail was delightful : fresh with the lime and the mint, sweet but not too much with the bergamot and the edelflower, and gin, well I like gin. 

The cocktails came with some pieces of foccacias & veggies dips. We got a mousse with salmon tartare on top and a polpetta. The food was nice as well.

There was always a waiter available even if packed, not like those places where you wait so long that you feel like going away before ordering. 

Last, I paid 15€ for a cocktails and a prosecco. I would say it's more than acceptable for Milan...

To conclude ? I recommend to go there but, same as usual though :  book before. 



address: Via Angelo Fumagalli 1, Milano

tel: +39 02 837 2865