November 15.

The more I search for non conventional places in Milan and the more I get the feeling one life is not enough to try them all. Yesterday evening, I went to Potafiori. Potafiori is a concept of bar-restaurant/flowers shop. I read it’s not the first in Milan, but its recent opening made some noise in the specialist press, so I decided to go and have a look.  


When we arrived, I was quite surprised by the size of the place; I thought it would be much smaller.

It was the evening and the place was dark: only a few neon light signs and candles, giving a special atmosphere.

Greyish mat walls contrasting with large counters in stone or concrete, and plants everywhere. Seats of different shape /style. Waiters wearing flowered pattern aprons.

We were told to sit in the back, closed to a shelf full of flower pots. The twilight atmosphere looked a bit surreal but we felt at our ease anyway.

BTW, I’m sure if you go back during the day, the feeling that emanates is completely different.


First time, I heard about the concept, I immediately connected the smell of the “stagnant” flower water you can find in some shop, to the food, and it made me pull a face. But I have to say the combination has been cured and is pleasurable.


We ordered prosecco and spritz. They paired it with a nicely arranged tray of cheese & spinach lollipops, slices of salumi, very tasty grissini (crunchy + butter taste + salt), some olives and a salad of spelt with leeks. The food was simple but good.


We had a great relaxing time and we could hear each other easily, which is not the case in all the aperitivo places of Milan.

This is a place I recommend first for the atmosphere. I tried the aperitivo and enjoyed it, but I did not have dinner there, so I can’t comment on the food.


Last, they organized concerts from time to time…



address: Via Salasco 17, Milano

tel: +39 02 8706 5930

website: www.potafiori.com