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October 15.

When I heard a few months ago that my favourite place was opening a new pizza gourmet place, I got so excited. I've always been a fan of La taverna, since my italian teacher told me about the place 5 years ago. I even brought my friends from Campania there to convince them it was the best napolitan pizza you can find in Milan.

When I'm writing things like that, I realize how much I'm turning Italian... Italians compared to French always speak more with passion about food and always know the best place for any type of food. After 3 years living there, I came to the conclusion that there were probably several "best places", and I guess it applies to pizzas as well, as I haven’t visited yet all the pizzerias of Milan, being loyal to mine. I still have in my pizzerias "to do list" : Lievità, Pizza Society and Pizza Am.

Anyway, that's not the topic. 

So I could finally go to the pizza gourmet a few weeks ago.

When you enter, the interior design is modern, quite sober, shades of blue and green, reminds me a bit the restaurant of Ceresio 7, The kitchen is open view and the staff is nice. We could sit on the “banquettes” so you feel really in your cocoon with a lot of privacy.

The menu was in a way fascinating : everything looked good and surprising. So after the waiter explained the concept, we opted for the menu "degustazione", relying on the chef for the flavours of the different slices of pizza we would taste. Basically, you eat one pizza, but this pizza comes in slices, and each slice is different. 

We could enjoy different "impasto" : basil, nero di seppia, integrale, all made with lievito madre for the digestion. The products on the pizza were of premium quality: the pizza with tonno scottato or the one with raw gamberetto was amazing. We got a prosecco when we arrived, an amuse bouche, and then some sweet extra at the end.

The service is positioned high standard.

They talk about collaboration with grand chefs and experimenting new recipes (including one with jellyfish !). 

I would say you go there for the experience and the surprise effect, you don’t go there if you expect a traditional pizza at a traditional price. The fish ones were my favourite, it was like mixing sushi and pizza in a concept. 


Tasting menu : 30/35€ coperto included.


My  guilty confessions for  reaching heaven if I dare ?


- The waiter talked about combining different beers for each pizza, i think it's a wonderful idea and there should be a tasting menu with the beers assortment.

- I would put less raw pomodoro passata on the margherita pizza cause it’s covering the basil impasto and a bit too sour. But I heard this is how it is in Campania region, so probably a cultural thing. 

- I would finish with a less heavy taste, cause I was not hungry anymore at the end, so I would have loved to go for something lighter. But again this is cultural, the objective was to put the strongest flavor at the end. 

- I would use a plate that retains the warm to serve the slices. Indeed, we ‘re not in a giro pizza, the objective is not to eat fast but to enjoy, each piece, to take time, so would be great if the plate remains warm so the pizza remains warmer too.

- I appreciated the high rate service but this is something that always made me not at my ease, I would change less often the plates (first for the planet) and will let the customers serving himself his second piece. I was with a friend I haven't seen for a while, we were talking a lot, and each time someone was checking if I had finished my piece to serve me the second one, I was feeling pressure. But again this is personal feedback.

Pizza gourmet was a really great experience  and I’m planning to go again. 

The 3 P's



address: Via Andrei Maffei, 12, 20135 Milano

tel: +39.02.546 8297

website: www.latavernagourmet.it