• This guide references restaurants between the "entry level" category and the "gastro" category. Cause if there is one thing I'm sure, is that you can eat well in Milan without spending too much. Usually with the price of 2 cocktails in a touristic place (30/40€), you can have a really nice meal, served by a warm staff in a pleaseful decor. 


  • The site is divided in food categories. 


  • Each category has its own rating scale, meaning a 3 forks in "aperitivo" section may only correspond to a 2 forks in  the "revisited traditional" section and so on. 


  • The little icons are displayed to tell you what's the most interesting in the place (design, service, food, terrace).


  • As those places have a competitive price for the service they deliver, they tend to be always crowded so I strongly advise to book first.


  • I'd like to highlight I'm not getting paid by any organism or restaurants so I 'm totally unbiased in my assessment. I write about places that are worthwile according to my personal references.


  • Last, there is a blog section where I mentioned my last foodie experiments, and some interesting places where I have been but I don’t feel to  insert in the standard sections.





                                                                            Enjoy !