EL CARNICERO // Argentinian meat 


October 15.

Let me tell you how the story started with el carnicero...

I used to live close to the restaurant and each time I was going to the supermarket, I was passing in front of the restaurant and could smell this amazing smell of meat grilling. I often told myself, smiling : a vegan living in this street could turn meat lover.

Once I dared having a look inside and saw this beautiful patio, this cosy atmosphere, this open view kitchen and the beautiful tiles continuing outside the restaurant. I was amazed by the mood emanating from this place, it makes you traveling in what could be your imagery of an hacienda. 

One day, while I was talking about that place to a friend of mine, foodie as well, she revealed me the place had good reputation. 

So i decided to go. It took me  sometimes, cause each time I was trying, it was already fully booked. 

But the first time I went there... it was heaven. The atmosphere was really nice, the candles giving a warm feeling. I ordered an amazing piece of meat which at the end, according to me, was not that expensive compared to so many other places in Milan.

The meat comes automatically with a starter salad, but you can order nice veggies side dishes.  

The meat is served on a hot stone plate so you can leave it there while eating, like this, what is left doesnt get cold. 

You can order obviously some argentinian wines like malbec but the good surprise is that they make cocktails too.

Obviously, I could not go for dessert, but with the bill, they bring a huge tree full of candies including dulse de leche sweets. 

I like this place and go back from time to time. 



address: Via Spartaco 31, Milano

tel: +39 02 5401 9816

website: www.elcarniceromilano.com