I fall in love with the blueberry cheese cake of california bakery 5 years ago when my colombian friends brought me there for the first time. I don't know why but the place seems more frequented by foreigners than Italians.

For me this is a bit like a “madeleine de proust” environment, it reminds me my first time in the States, when I got stupefied by the size of the cakes and the colorful toppings, feeling like in a fairy tale, and far away from the French patissserie sophistication ... 



When you enter a california bakery, if you ‘ve already been there once, you can recognise immediately it’s a california bakery:  the color code (pastel colors, mainly yellow and pale green), the baskets hanging from the ceiling, the huge counter in wood and marble (that reminds me more France than USA actually). You get surrounded by a cosy atmosphere even if the format could be associated to a fast food. Fast in the sense everything moves fast around you, the service is quite impersonal and the chairs are so tiny, that they hurt your butt, but would it stop you ? Me, no for sure. My sight being too strongly attracted by the counter displaying all those mountains of cakes.



I have always been loyal to the new york cheese cake (blueberry) and i really recommend it, for me it ‘s heaven in the mouth, the texture : soft  and creamy, the contrast with the sour of the berries and the butter taste of the cookie dough...

And now you can even order what they call the slim slice or the bite, so you feel less guilty and it costs you less as well. Cause for sure, this experience comes to a different cost than a brioche in a bar. It’s a matter of expectation.

Back a year ago, they issued a book with all the recipes, simply perfect. You can reproduce them at home and it will cost you less. I offered one to my sis and she practically tried all the recipes of the book and looks pretty happy about it. 


My confessions : 



- When I started to go there 5 years ago, I had a ritual with a french friend and we were going there almost once a week to get a bagel italian style. At that time we met a really nice waiter, that was always smiling and being nice with us. This is a feeling I’ve been looking for since I came back to Milan but could not find again though. I’m not saying people are not smiling, just that there is no clear effort to build a one to one relationship with the customer and it’s a bit surprising cause it contrasts with the cosy/feel@home style of the place. I do understand there is a complex supply chain behind and probably a lot of turists to handle, but this is a place where I go for a little treat, not the people i would say. Between us, it never stopped me to go there back regularly.



P:S. book for brunch if you want a table.



address: Viale Premuda 44, Milano

tel: +39 0239811750


October 15.