So last week, I decided to call before to go and when I asked if they were open, they answered it was closed for private event (nooooo!), but the bar was remaining open (yesssss!).

So I finally went there.

The place is spectacular and surreal, of course you need to like raw style and minimalism, but the chandelier contrasting with the warehouse walls and the light game putting the huge social table at the center : waoh. Compared to that, the bar is small, and even if we arrived for 7pm on a sunday night, there was no tables left already. So we sat at the bar. It was probably less confortable, but on the other hand, we ve been able to admire the art of mixology for a couple of hours. You see those baristas, passionate about their work and able to express some creativity both in the tasting experience and the look of the cocktails. 

In front of a seasonal and unusual menu, I finally decided to get some advices from the mixologist that has been super nice with us. 

I opted for a coktail with tequila, apple, bitter and st germain. 

The cocktail was nice looking, I was less lucky cause, for color visual details, they put some smoked paprika and I must confess I hate the smoke taste, it ‘s like the smoked chinese tea, I could never drank a sip. 

The cocktail is always served in an unusual container, contributing to the surprise effect. Each time you order a cocktail, you wait like a little kid to see how it will look like and taste. 

For 10/12 €, you have a cocktail of quality, served with some finger food, in a nice context and warm waiters. Once you know that, you wonder why so many people pay the same price in touristic aperitivo place in Navigli, able to produce only watery cocktails. Of course, if you want to eat only with the aperitivo, I won’t recommend that place, but I've never been for quantities. 


p.s. during summer the inside court is really nice !



address: Via Giuseppe Meda, 24, Milano

tel: +39 02 837 3963


November 15.

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of the communication around  Carlo. Last time I saw him on GQ with a fish and a naked woman, I was wondering if sex was helping to sell gourmet experience...

Anyway, we can’t judge before trying and since the first day I saw on a design website some pictures of Seghiera, I wanted to go there. 

It took me  some time to go there, but as soon as some friends living close to the place, and addicted to their cocktails started to post some pictures on Instagram, I got convinced. 

Three times, I went there and arrived in front of a closed gate with a board hanging “ chiuso for evento privato”.