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... the Social dinner (by MHKSD),  the olfactive aperitivo (@Magna Pars Hotel), the flashmob dinner (by Cena con me),  the night shopping in EATALY, the brunch 2.0 by James Beard in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, the supermarket of the future (by COOP for EXPO) ...

Why eating in a COVID environment won’t bring customers back in the restaurants immediately. And the

With the will to overcome the COVID ordeal, many solutions designed for restaurants have flooded into the market. Most of them with no hints of appeal… But, what if the solution was not to adapt the old processes of eating, but creating new ones? A well known continuous improvement methodology in the automotive industry, called lean management, develops tools to learn to think out of the box. The observation is simple, if you for solutions starting from what you’re used to do, you may get stuck in a dead-end; while stepping back, and asking you what is the initial goal of your business, can help to see your business in another way. Let’s reason together on the topic. To start, we would like

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