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... the Social dinner (by MHKSD),  the olfactive aperitivo (@Magna Pars Hotel), the flashmob dinner (by Cena con me),  the night shopping in EATALY, the brunch 2.0 by James Beard in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, the supermarket of the future (by COOP for EXPO) ...

I went to eat the best restaurant of the world.

6pm, I receive a call from the fine dining travelers group I belong to. They tell me there is a seat available for lunch to Osteria Francescana the day after and ask me if I’m interested. I immediately think about Massimo Bottura's last presentation during Identità Golosa event, talking about contamination (i.e. how art and foreign culture influence his food interpretation). I think about that lunch I had during EXPO 2015, where I met him for the first time and thought he was between an American Guru and a Roberto Benigni of Food. I think, this is something that happens probably once in your life. I think, he’s able to bring emotion to people and make them think about what his food, like an

I became member of a travel gourmet club!

I can’t tell you how everything started, but what I do remember is that one day, I saw some post on Instagram. I checked the link in bio and discovered the existence of an Italian gourmet club, born to experiment the best fine dining experiences of the country. My curiosity immediately rose. It reminded me “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”, this French association of connoisseurs eating in what they named the best restaurants of the world. Since I was a kid, I’ve been suffering of hyperesthesia, having for consequence to be later known either as a complaining person or a fine palate, depending on who was referring to me. Younger, I thought to become “nez” in order to exploit this drawback and t

I went to eat (sorry queue) to Pescaria three months after the opening …

I assume most of the people having Facebook and living in Milan know Pescaria. They made such a huge ad campaign before the opening, that it was impossible to miss it. Indeed, no one missed it. The night of the opening I went there and the line was sooo long that I went away. Still, I saw on Instagram that some people waited for more than 3 hours to get the famous sandwich filled with raw fish. I’ve always been impressed by the capacity of Italians to queue for good food. I had a similar experience when the Napolitan pizzeria Starita opened in Milan. The situation was just insane but it did not stop people from staying in line during hours to get a pizza. I finally go there after a few month

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