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... the Social dinner (by MHKSD),  the olfactive aperitivo (@Magna Pars Hotel), the flashmob dinner (by Cena con me),  the night shopping in EATALY, the brunch 2.0 by James Beard in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, the supermarket of the future (by COOP for EXPO) ...

I went to eat in a fish shop !

When I’m in duomo area, I always wonder where to eat something quick without ending in a touristic place. Well, in the street of PECK, one of the most famous fine grocery of Milan, you can find the pescheria Spadari. Recently they have organized the shop to include a “restaurant” area. Basically, you can pick a dish among a daily selection of fish recipes (primo or secondo) and eat it directly in the shop. Even if the pescheria is downtown, the street is less crowded and more peaceful. So I thought it was an address to try. When I pushed the door of the shop, I got immediately submerged by the smell of the raw fish and told myself: I can’t eat there, the smell is too strong. Then I thought m

I went to a lasagna restaurant claiming they make it better than an Italian mum!

The first time I lived in Milan, I remember a friend explaining the Sunday lunch concept: his mum was cooking pasta every Sunday lunch with no exception. She was alternating between 3 different types of pasta: lasagna, pasta al forno and I can’t remember the third one. He was saying that his mum was doing the best lasagna. One day, laughing, I told him: “funny cause 2 other friends told me their mum was doing the best lasagnas, does it mean that you have the same mum ?” Pasta is an institution in Italy and the power of the mum in the kitchen is so strong that the food made by "la mamma" is considered as the best. Actually it has been proved scientifically that eating with beloved ones enhan

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