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... the Social dinner (by MHKSD),  the olfactive aperitivo (@Magna Pars Hotel), the flashmob dinner (by Cena con me),  the night shopping in EATALY, the brunch 2.0 by James Beard in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, the supermarket of the future (by COOP for EXPO) ...

I had breakfast with strangers. Social eating step 2

Sunday morning in Milan, the sun is shining, spring is coming and me, I’m getting up to enjoy my first social brunch. This is not my first social eating experience, but still, I wonder how it will be. I’m going with my friend Paola, met during a social dinner, and we’ re heading to the fondazione prada area, where some old factories have been transformed in lofts. The place is like a hidden little village, really cute, a peaceful neighborhood where a dad is playing remote control car with his teenager son. Once the secret spot found, we have the pleasure to get welcome by Enrico and Lidia. Lidia, has a warm smile that makes you at your ease immediately. The breakfast table is already dresse

I had my first lobster served with French fries

While the gourmet burger wave is still at its climax in France and Italy, another gourmet sandwich trend is trying to break trough shyly: the lobster roll. What is a lobster roll? A lobster roll is a sandwich (hotdog style) filled with lobster meat or lobster salad. It comes usually served with potato chips or French fries. Born in the Connecticut, it became an icon for the Maine and is now spreading over the ocean. Milan has not been spared. In Rinascente food floor, you can find Corallo lobster bar: a little space full of colors reminding you Mediterranean sea more than the US: white and blue tiles, yellow color reminding you the lemons, ceramics and navy stuff. It’s a bit feeling like in

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