November 15.

One day while I was walking in via Panfilo Castaldi, I got attracted by the nice visual graphics of a neon sign.

The place was named Bicerin.

When I looked inside, I discovered a room with walls covered of bottles of wine. From the second window, I could admire a kind of tearoom with cosy armchairs and people drinking wine.


I liked the place immediately. Back home, I googled it and read about the concept.

The place is both a wine shop and a wine bar. They decided to reference only small producers. They have more than 600 bottles including wines from other countries (France, Spain, Croatia…)... Each bottle has a tag explaining the main characteristics of the wine. From time to time, they propose wine tasting events.


Loving wine bar, I booked a table for aperitivo the other day.

When you enter the place, you can’t miss what they call the “libreria del vino”. This is probably the key element of the decoration. The bottles are displayed on a kind of bookshelves metallic structure, rising up to the ceiling, and contributing to the wow effect. A suspended crystal chandelier makes the room special and precious.

In the sitting side, you can find old style chairs, comfy and welcoming.


What is probably the most striking there, is the peaceful feeling, something really unusual for Milan : no echo, no noises, no rushing waiters. You could feel in another country.


Waiters are nice and pleasant.


They have a wine list at “calice”, the prices are between 6€ and 15€. Your glass is coming with a small “assaggio”. They propose as well a menu with some dishes. I haven’t tried them though.


I really enjoyed the cosy atmosphere, the warm service contrasting with the “luxury” positioning of the place. My legs enjoyed less the squat armchair (low seat) as I was wearing high heels, but it’s a nice refined bar, and I can’t wait to participate to one of their tasting events. The other day they organized a tasting combining fragrances and spirits !



address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 24, Milano

tel: +39 02 8425 8410