BASARA // Sushi 


October 15.

When I was living in France, a friend of mine, that got graduated from the same business school as me, had decided to open a sushi place. At that time, she launched in our town, the first  kaiten (tapis roulant). Being allergic to some asiatic ingredients, I got my first sushi experience thanks to her, as I could question her about the sushi ingredients. Besides, I knew : the place where she was getting fish supplied, the fact that fish was threw away after a couple of hours and the hiring process to find real japanese chef. I remember once her telling me she had to find her chef in Barcelona. It ended I was ordering sushi at least one a week. 

A Japanese would probably told you they were European sushis, but there were quite simple, the fish always fresh and there was no sauces added on the top as I can find in all those Nippo Brasilian place in Milan. 

So when I arrived in Milan, I was expecting to find similar places and keep the tradition of the sushi delivery on sunday or monday night, after my dancing lesson. 

I can’t tell you how many sushis places I made in Milan and the money I spent, sometimes ending spending 60€ for a piece of raw fish. So even if I must admit I refuse to enter in the “all you can eat” sushi places cause I have no trust, I wonder why a carpaccio or tartare in some italian fish restaurant has a better price and quality... Cause at the end, when we eat japanese, we don’t really eat japanese, we only eat a part of their specialties, consisting of raw fish. I wonder how many people ever tried meat dishes or even the famous kobe beef...

Anyway, at one point, we started a kind of challenge with my japanese friend : objective > find the places with japanese chef, good fish quality and not too expensive. 

So far our preference remains Basara: 

- First the place is modern style, minimalist, a bit dark, so all the accent is made on the plate when it arrives. 

- The sushis are always presented in a nice way : on a stone for example of even in un unconventional way. I  remember my first tataki there : it arrived in stack, embedded in a glass to keep it warm and then removed as a cloche. It can look weird, but the experience was nice. 

When I go there, I always take different plates and share, it’s the best way to try a mutltitude of different flavors to an acceptable price. For sure at that price, I won’t order every week, but at least the fish is fresh, good and the experience is nice.  

I recommend to book a table cause it’s often fully booked.



address: Via Tortona 12, Milano

tel: +39 02 8324 1025